On November 4, 2015 by Michelle G Black
Peachjar_logoElectronic Fliers
Lexington County School District One works with community organizations to make information about not-for-profit activities or services and enrichment opportunities available to families.Years ago, Lexington One sent home various fliers the way most schools did — in backpacks. These fliers reached students and, sometimes, parents. However, that process created a lot of extra work for staff and teachers who spent time each week counting them all out. Obviously, the process wasn’t environmentally friendly either.

A few years ago, the district moved to an online resource of electronic fliers, which fixed some of the problems but did not do a thorough job of getting information to our students’ families.

This year the district implements a solution that should make sure information gets to our students’ families, does not burden office staff and teachers, and also helps in the district’s efforts to go green with the help of a company called Peachjar. A nice side benefit is that non-profit organizations, school organizations and others will save paper and the costs associated with copying fliers.

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